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Our expert consultants specialise in software & IT recruitment, and finance recruitment, boasting years of experience in identifying and placing top talent.

Caroo brings together a blend of elbow grease & AI, harnessing the power of technology to hard-match candidates against the requirements you may have for better quality hires in almost half the time.

Quality is at the centre of everything we do, so if you’re looking for your next big tech hire, why not speak to one of our consultants today?

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The best tech talent isn’t usually on the market for very long. Whether it’s a penetration tester or CTO you’re looking for, we can help! 

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Looking for top tech talent?

Look no further. Caroo helps you secure the best developers, network engineers or whatever you require without any exclusivity clauses or retainer fees.

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We value our candidates & clients!

We always strive for the perfect placement. No cut corners or unnecessary red-tape, just straight forward recruitment!

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Our consultants know tech inside out, so they’re great at finding top talent.

We believe in building strong relationships, so we take the time to understand you and your business to find the perfect fit for your team.

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IT and Technology Recruitment

Roles we've recently filled...

Lead Developer

We placed an extraordinary Lead Developer at a rapidly growing tech company.

Shopify / Web Developer

We placed an eCommerce web developer at a Shopify performance marketing agency.

Information Security Analyst

We placed an extremely tech-savvy ISA at a booming network security consultancy.
Gareth Allen Herd

Gareth Allen,

"...for anyone considering Caroo, I’d say go for it. The value they’ve delivered since we started working with them has been absolutely worth it. Their fees are insanely low and trust me, you won’t be using anyone else after using Caroo!”"

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though you may already have your own teams internally to manage hiring, there are plenty of reasons why using Caroo to secure your next tech hire can save you both time & money.

Here’s why using Caroo to secure your tech hires is so beneficial:

  • Quicker Time-to-Hire: 
    Using intelligent matching algorithms and a pinch of expertise, our consultants know what it takes to get an amazing hire across the line quickly.

  • No exclusivity.
    We’re that confident in our ability to find & place the ideal candidate, we don’t feel the need to stop you from working with other agencies.

  • No hire? No fee!
    No costly retainer fees or messing around. We operate on a contingent basis meaning we only get paid when a candidate starts.

  • 30 day guarantee.
    If your candidate leaves within 30 days of their initial start date, we’ll find you another one, free of charge.

  • Replacement Guarantees: Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day free replacement guarantee. If the candidate decides to do a runner, we’ll find you a new one free of charge.

Depending on how senior the role is, the price per hire can vary. Usually, recruitment fees within tech recruitment can go up to 20% of the candidate’s first annual salary. For specialist roles, you can even see an increase to around 30%!

At Caroo, we always strive to beat the cost whilst still delivering excellence. Looking for a price? Reach out to one of our consultants and lets talk about your role.

Your peace of mind is our priority, which is why we have a 30 day complimentary replacement assurance on every hire.

No retainers, no exclusivity clauses or hidden fees. We make it simple & straightforward by only charging on successful placement.

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