Caroo Helps Bridgewater Finance Hire 9 Lead Gen Specialists

Who are Bridgewater Finance?

Bridgewater Finance Group is a privately owned UK business, comprising consumer focused brands offering different solutions to aid individuals experiencing debt.

Bridgewater dates back around 19 years, quickly growing to adapt to consumer needs. They’re based in Manchester city centre and have approximately 400 employees. Companies within the Bridgewater group are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.)

Due to a growing need for lead generation specialists, Bridgewater turned to our sales recruitment team with the view of growing their sales team. With our team of experienced sales recruitment professionals, we quickly took the brief and dissected it, understanding the qualities and requirements of the candidates Bridgewater were looking for.

Building a Relationship with Bridgewater

First things first, we took an optional trip to Bridgewater’s main office (which wasn’t too far from our own) to meet the hiring team and get a feel of what the working environment was like.

Our expert consultants were able to quickly assess what the workplace culture felt like and walked away with a better understanding of what it’s like to work at Bridgewater.

For each candidate we sourced, we screened against Bridgewater’s hiring criteria before eventually passing them over to Bridgewater’s internal team for review. Thanks to our internal smart matching technology, we quickly identified a volume of candidates who we thought would be suitable for the role.

And the results...

Once the interviews were arranged, our fingers were crossed. We knew the candidates were good enough, but you never know how an interview will go!

And luckily enough, a few days after each candidate was interviewed, the offers were out. Out of all the 20 CVs we sent over, 18 were interviewed, leaving us with a 90% conversion from CV to interview and a 50% interview to offer rate (9 successfully hired.)

20 CVs Sent
18 Interviewed
9 Offered and Hired
2 Weeks Average Time to Hire

The team over at Bridgewater were more than pleased. 

We sat down with Alastair Campbell, Bridgewater’s New Business Director, who said…

“The team have been excellent. I’ve been more than pleased with the amount of hires they’ve done in such a short space of time, with their time-to-hire averaging around two weeks. The speed and efficiency their sales recruitment consultants have demonstrated has been phenomenal.

Every step of the way we’ve had complete communication with Caroo’s hiring team and their understanding of what type of candidate we needed was on the money. 

I’d happily use them again and I recommend them to anyone looking to fulfill a sales, marketing, tech or finance hire.”

Hire With Us

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