How Caroo Secured a Top Hire for Web Presence – Low Cost Recruitment

Who are Web Presence?

Web Presence, a well-established digital agency founded in 2004, is dedicated to empowering businesses and charities across various industries and sizes.

Their mission revolves around enhancing online visibility, fostering brand awareness, and generating substantial leads and sales for their clients.

The challenge they faced...

Facing rapid growth, Web Presence sought a competent Business Development Manager with a profound understanding of charities and fundraising.

They turned to Caroo, having heard about our previous successful endeavours and super affordable (yet mega high quality) sales recruitment services.

The solution...

Upon receiving the challenge, our consultants immediately sprang into action, meeting with Web Presence to gain a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs.

With a clear understanding of the requirements, our team embarked on the search for the perfect candidate, combining our expertise with a personalised touch.

In less than a week, Caroo had identified a pool of potential candidates that stood out to Paul and his team at Web Presence.

We provided a range of CVs that showcased the ideal skill set and industry experience needed for the role.

The outcome...

Impressed with the selection, Web Presence took the candidates through a series of interviews and promptly extended an offer to the ideal candidate.

Within 14 days, Caroo had successfully sourced, screened, and placed what Web Presence now refers to as the perfect person for the role.

The results surpassed expectations, and Web Presence couldn’t be happier with their newest addition.

What did Web Presence have to say?

“When we first approached Caroo, I had my reservations. We’d worked with a number of agencies previously and they just hadn’t managed to hit the nail on the head. 

They’d either delivered under-qualified candidates or just ill culture fits.

I didn’t feel like traditional agencies fully understood what Web Presence was about and what we were looking for.

But to be honest, once I’d met with Gareth & the team, that concern was quickly squashed.

I realised how attentive and down to earth they were.

They asked all the right questions and I gave them all the resources they needed to go out and find me a unicorn.

Within 2 weeks, Caroo had managed to effectively source & place potentially the best hire we’ve had from an external agency. Caroo found us a unicorn at half the cost of traditional agencies, and we’ve never looked back. 

In short, Caroo gets a big thumbs up from me. We’ll certainly engage them again especially considering they’re half the price of traditional recruitment agencies.”

Discover the Caroo Advantage - Low Cost Recruitment

For businesses seeking a smarter way to expand their workforce without the hassles and risks of handling the hiring process in-house, Caroo offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

By partnering with Caroo, companies can save thousands on recruitment while ensuring the acquisition of top-tier talent.

If you’re thinking of expanding your workforce with quality assured, get in touch with us today and let’s chat.

Caroo is here to make recruitment efficient, effective, and affordable.

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