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If you’re looking to hire your next marketing prodigy but don’t want to deal with the headaches of recruitment, you’ve come to the right place.

Our incredible consultants are well versed in the world of marketing and the ever changing landscape that marketers face.

We’re able to supply top talent quickly & cost effectively, using our own in-house technology to cut time to hire by almost 50%.

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We do recruitment a little differently

No more red tape, retainers, exclusivity clauses or other contractual restrictions. Just results driven recruitment with you in mind.

Hiring Quality Marketing Talent

Quality marketing talent

In the ever changing landscape of marketing, finding the right hire is super crucial. From a general Marketing Exec all the way to Director, we’ve got you covered!

Building Relationships in Recruitment

We prioritise relationships!

We want to be the perfect match for your talent needs. At Caroo, we take pride in understanding your talent requirements!

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We'll find the best talent for your business.

We know how crucial it is for your team to get along, so we’re really good at finding the right person for your growing business.

We don’t just send any old candidate your way. We make sure they’re just right for the job and fit in well with your team.

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We've recently worked on roles like...

Digital Marketing Executive

We (urgently) hired a Digital Marketing Executive for a massive finance company.

Senior SEO Executive

We placed a senior SEO executive at a powerhouse mid-sized performance marketing agency.

Head of Marketing

Caroo recruited a Head of Marketing for a quickly-scaling ambitious tech startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are compelling reasons for businesses to engage a recruitment agency when hiring marketing staff, despite having internal processes.

The advantages of partnering with a reliable and reputable agency translate to time and cost savings, as well as improved search quality.

Here’s why using Caroo to hire marketing talent is beneficial to you:

  • Expedited Recruitment: We leverage personal networks, a dash of elbow grease, a sprinkle of AI and a pinch of good old recruitment to make the process as speedy as possible.

  • No Win, No Fee: You only pay if we successfully find & place the candidate. If we don’t hire? No pennies for us.

  • No exclusivity clauses: We’re that confident in our ability to find you the best fit for your business, we don’t feel the need to stop you working with other agencies.

  • Replacement Guarantees: Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day free replacement guarantee. If the candidate decides to do a runner, we’ll find you a new one free of charge.

  • Market Expertise: Our consultants are well versed in where to find & secure the hottest marketing talent.

  • Rigorous Candidate Qualification: We don’t just put anybody forward. We understand that they need to be the right fit for you & your team. We have our own qualification processes to ensure that you’re only ever dealing with a suitable fit.

Typically, the customary charges for filling marketing positions tend to hover between 15% and 20% of the initial year’s base salary, fluctuating depending on the position’s seniority level. Nevertheless, for specialized or hard-to-fill roles, these costs might escalate to as much as 30%.

Ensuring your satisfaction is our top concern, which is why we offer a 30-day complementary replacement guarantee on all hires.

In the event that a candidate departs within the first month of employment, our skilled consultants will promptly find a suitable replacement at no extra cost to you.

Our recruitment solutions operate on a purely contingent basis. There are no retainers, exclusivity clauses, or supplementary charges. We keep it streamlined and clear-cut by only invoicing upon successful delivery (no hire, no fee), ensuring your peace of mind.

Tom Smithson CNS Media and Caroo

Tom Smithson, CNS Media

"We've not had the best luck when it comes to working with recruitment agencies. A lot of them left us in the dark only to send us candidates that weren't really suited to the role we were trying to fill. Caroo have been communicative every step of the way and it's only took them twelve days to hire what we call the perfect fit. We couldn't be any happier."

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