Project Present

Last year, we welcomed some amazing brands to our platform. So, in December, to wish them all a merry Christmas, we visited their offices to drop off some Alan Sugar mugs. As you do.

We’ve done some pretty weird crap this year to promote our brand. So, we thought, why not end on a particularly weird note and try to spread some Christmas cheer around Manchester by handing out Caroo mugs whilst dressed as Santa and Rudolf…and of course, riding mobility scooters?

Now you’re probably thinking, that doesn’t make any sense and has absolutely nothing to do with recruitment… And you’d be absolutely right.

But after a year of handing out pies with £50 cash in themfilling Missguided with rescue dogs, replacing Manchester’s toilet rolls with our own, sticking fake parking tickets on 3000 carsmassaging recruiters, and releasing our own Christmas single, nothing makes sense to us anymore.


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