Project Pamper

In-house recruiters have it tough. Missing candidates, pressure from hiring managers, tons of roles to fill. So, what better way to show them how much we appreciate them than a massage?

In-house recruitment is a tougher job than being a Himalayan sherpa. And there are facts to back that up.

I mean, did you know that, on average, due to their excessive workloads, in-house recruiters usually look 8.5 years older than they are?

In a recent study, scientists also found that the skin of in-house recruiter generally had the same consistency as a volleyball.

Add that to the fact that generally recruiters are that stressed they lose most of their eyebrow hair by the age of 34, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it?

Well, luckily, Caroo’s low cost sales, marketing & tech recruitment came to their rescue. We decided they needed pampering.

And so, we loaded a crappy minibus that we rented for 15 quid with masseuses and beauticians, lathered our hands with special cream, and got stuck into the nooks and crannies of some of the recruiters that rely on Caroo.

Now they all look years younger, are stress free, and have skin softer than chinchilla’s undercarriage. Here’s the vid.

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