Project Pooch

Office dogs are just a gimmick. They don’t have anything to do with culture. Right?

Well, whilst you can’t rely on just dogs to build a happy workforce, there are studies out there that show they have a ‘paw-sitive’ effect on staff morale.

So, what better way to pick up the staff at our awesome client, Missguided, on a Tuesday afternoon than by filling their office with a load of our favourite furry friends?

A massive thanks to David Smith and Glenn Grayson in the Missguided people team for helping to make this happen, and of course, the amazing people at Dogs 4 Rescue. Please donate.

Nothing went wrong. Nobody got bitten. A few bean bags ended up with a few puddles on ‘em.

But it was a fantastic day that showed the true impact of man/woman’s best friend on wellbeing in the workplace.

One dog might even be on its way to being adopted by a Missguided staff member.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to give you #ProjectPooch.

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