Life’s to short for a sh*t job.

Download app. Tap in data. Match to jobs. Browse Anonymously. Find new career. Walk out of workplace. Sing George Michael’s, Freedom.
Oh, and no recruitment agencies.

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Some of the greenest grass in the North West & Yorkshire

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See ya, CV.

  • Create a timeline of your career highlights.
  • Add Photos, videos, links, and tag your skills.
  • Browse anonymously. Share your profile with companies you’re interested in.
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Quicker than making a brew.

It takes less than two minutes to see what’s out there.

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Matchmaking for jobs.

Algorithms that match your skills and interests to brands and jobs

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We don’t like recruitment agencies.

So they’re not allowed on here. Chat to brands direct.

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Profile anonymous.

You choose who sees your personal details. Set notifications to out of office hours.

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