Press Release


Caroo, the online recruitment platform that matches employers with candidates, has just landed with a revamped look and feel - packed with new features.


The platform has traditional recruiters shaking in their boots, thanks to its smart technology that is destined to be a game-changer in the sector. 


Caroo, which is available on mobile and desktop has already proved a big hit, with brands, including Co-Op, Missguided, On the Beach, Gymshark and adidas. 


The Manchester based start-up is the brainchild of Gareth Peterson, who credits Caroo users for helping build a platform that removes all the issues that the traditional recruitment process presents. 


Unlike platforms such as LinkedIn, Caroo promises full anonymity for people who want to browse career opportunities - which means your current boss can't snoop on you when your'e looking for a new job.


Caroo uses a smart algorithm that only matches relevant candidates, based on skills and experience (not job titles like those boring traditional jobs boards do) for employers on the hunt for fresh talent. The feature means employers save an incredible amount of time, trawling through candidate profiles. 


Caroo stacks people based on how well suited they are to a job, so even in the current market conditions, when there are many more people looking for jobs, you can save time knowing the best matches are accessible, not like having to trawl through a pile of CVs bigger than Piers Morgan's mouth. 


Next month, Caroo is adding a content feature to its platform. The unique offering will enable employers to create bespoke targeted content to attract candidates.


And forget extortionate commission based fees that employers have to stump up for old school recruiters, Caroo is a value-based subscription service - costing employers just £149.00 per month for full access to the platform.


But here's the best bit. You won't have to deal with multiple sales calls, and the hassle of dealing with recruitment agents. Caroo does it all for you.


Caroo has plotted a 9-month campaign starting September 1st to roll out over the whole of the UK, initially in the North West and moving onto London and the Home Counties in November.....then the rest of the UK.....and then Europe and USA will follow.

Caroo is funded by Optimise Capital, a Wilmslow based private equity business.


A disruptive brand needs a disruptive MD, and Gareth Peterson is already making a name for himself for whacky PR stunts on a small budget, to get people talking about Caroo.


Previous marketing mischief includes hiring a cherry picker to hold signs up outside offices urging office workers to get a new job, busking on the streets of Manchester, handing out fake parking tickets, and producing branded toilet roll - to get people using the app, while having a No.2.


Peterson said:


"For too long, employers have been getting a raw deal when it comes to hiring talent. We understood all the bug bears employers face during the recruitment process, and then we set about creating a technology platform that matches employers with talent, and makes that process much, much smoother. Caroo is shaking up the sector at a time when employers are under increasing pressure to find top talent, without the hefty commission charged by traditional recruiters. As for the crazy PR stunts, we believe a disruptive start-up needs a disruptive approach to marketing - so I'm more than happy to lead the charge and probably embarrass myself along the way."


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