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Caroo’s pitch on The Chad & Cheese Show

Our weird marketing landed us an invite to recruitment’s biggest, most listened to podcast, The Chad & Cheese Show.

Chad & Cheese invite businesses from all over the world to pitch their businesses to listeners. Each business leader is given two minutes to talk about their proposition and then face 20 minutes of gruelling, intense questioning and challenges about their strategy.

Now. Being Caroo, we couldn’t just do any old pitch. Oh no.

So, our MD, Gareth, wrote a 2 minute rap to tell listeners about Caroo and what we stand for. Below is a crap video we made for the rap, so you’re not sat there awkwardly listening to an audio file and if you want to listen to the full interview then here’s a link to Chad & Cheese’s site.

Will Caroo get a standing ovation, a goth clap or face the dreaded firing squad?