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Why do we do what we do, here at Caroo?

We believe that recruitment tools should revolve around the user. Because...well...they’re the ones using it. Obviously. We don’t follow our competitors with a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You see, all companies are different. They have different expectations, different cultures, different needs. And every candidate is an individual. You can’t categorise an individual by job title alone. Isn’t it about time a recruitment platform recognised that?

Let us answer that for you. Yes. Yes it is. 


Gareth Peterson
Managing Director

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Molly Hampson
Community Manager


David Roddy
Head of Client Services


Sammy Ayoubi
Business Development Team Lead


Abigail Hill
Partnerships Team Lead


Jerry Shepherd-Moore
Account Management Team Lead


Our Partners


This Is Digital have a dedicated team for Caroo that delivers and manages all areas of paid media, SEO and product analytics.


Offended Marketing define and manage all aspects of the Caroo brand and organic content ensuring this is consistent across all channels.

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Apposing is Caroo’s technology development agency providing a large team that covers R&D, design, build and management of all Caroo products.

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After many bribes of beard wax and red wine, these good people let us in to their community to share our antics and opinions.


Led by Alan Walker and Jeremy Russon, this is the go to place for talent acquisition and HR technology suppliers. And they invited us in. Chuffed.


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